Dealer Levels

In an effort to more accurately represent our dealer network to our consumer base, we recently categorized our dealers into three levels.  The categories were based on criteria such as purchase history over the past few years, availability of a demo trike and other considerations we felt were important when comparing one dealer to another.  The three dealer levels are as follows, with their associated requirements.   Dealers have the ability to move up from one to the other by meeting the established criteria.


Full Dealer – Dealer meets the requirement of purchasing an average of four (4) kits per year (or more), has a demo trike available and maintains proper Roadsmith branding in their retail environment and on their website.


Installing Dealer – Dealer has the ability to order Roadsmith product for their customers at a discounted rate, but does not meet the minimum purchase requirements nor have a demonstration vehicle available for customer evaluation. 


Servicing Dealer – Dealer has indicated that they are no longer in the business of “building” Roadsmith trikes, but due to their experience and proximity to popular travel routes, they would like to stay on our dealer list to offer “service” where possible.  Appropriate Roadsmith branding in the retail showroom and on their website is required. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your current dealer level, please feel free to call Kirk Rush at 800-331-0705.