February Trike of the Month


Congratulations Larry Moon!



February’s Trike of the Month award goes to a very special individual who personifies the very spirit with which we build our trikes.  Someone that has demonstrated a love of motorcycles, both two-wheeled and three, since he was a child and continues to ride regularly despite several health setbacks along the way.


This incredible individual is none other than Larry Moon, or “Moon” as he is known to his fans and friends, the afternoon radio personality on Minneapolis adult contemporary station KS95 (near Roadsmith headquarters and usually on in the office).  Moon has a colorful history of riding motorcycles, starting as many of us did on mini bikes powered by Briggs & Stratton engines and progressing through the 50s, 70s and 90s (in this case those are cc’s, not decades) on the various Honda trail and road bikes available at the time.  After spending several years as a sponsored motocross rider, Moon settled down with his then wife and was soon selling off his motorcycle to buy a new couch for their growing family (a sad tale, too often told).   Due to family commitments and several professional moves for his radio career, it was years before Moon would be back in the saddle.























While there were a few bikes in various locales along the way, it wasn’t until his current gig in Minneapolis that Moon purchased a Yamaha V-Star 1100 and began to ride on a regular basis again.  Unfortunately, it was during that same time period that he began to notice changes in his body for which he couldn’t account.  He describes sitting at a stoplight on his motorcycle one day and “seeing” his feet touch the ground, but not being able to “feel” them touch the ground.    It was shortly thereafter that Moon was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and began the challenge of addressing his condition while, at the same time, not letting it affect his life any more than it had to.


It was soon after this revelation that he had a chance to rent a trike from our factory retail store in Daytona Beach, FL.  Following that pleasant experience, he traded the V-Star in on a 2002 Gold Wing Roadsmith and hasn’t looked back since. Backed by his loving, supporting fiance and riding partner PeeWee, Moon has continued to not let it slow him down.  Riding an average of 10,000 miles per year, many of them with PeeWee, Moon has covered some serious ground visiting the likes of Glacier National Park, Canada and the Tail of the Dragon.





















When we asked Moon if we should mention his MS in this article, his immediate answer was “No problem, at all.  I’m an open book!”  This positive attitude and upbeat outlook on life are what help to make Moon one of the most popular radio hosts and riding partners in the area.  His radio show is the number one afternoon show in the entire country, which makes him quite the celebrity in town.  He also rides with a motorcycle group called the “Wild Bores” (note the play on words from the movie “Wild Hogs”) and claims that they earn the “boring” part of their name by going to bed early on bike trips with their wildest antics consisting of smoking lots of cigars. 







"The Wild Bores"


While Moon loves to ride his Roadsmith trike as often as he can, he also uses his celebrity and trike to help raise money for local charity events and other good causes.  “Nothing like leading a group of 150 motorcyclists on a charity ride, especially when you’re riding a nice Roadsmith trike,” says Moon.  We couldn’t be happier, or more proud, to have him as part of our “Roadsmith Posse” and hope to  listen to him on the radio and see him riding around the Minneapolis area for many years to come.

Listen to Moon's radio show Monday-Friday from 2-7pm by clicking the KS95 logo below.







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